A selection of bespoke kitchen islands designed to work within the  
kitchen space available and to complement the overall kitchen design. 
Kitchen island with timber top Bespoke island/peninsula Island with LED lighting Kitchen island with hob Kitchen island with granite top Island with timber worktop Kitchen island with drawers Island with timber worktop Shaker island with granite top Shaker style island with extractor
Kitchen island with breakfast bar Bespoke island/peninsula Shaker style kitchen island Bespoke island unit with hob Kitchen island with timber and painted combination Island with Belfast sink Shaker style kitchen island Hand-made kitchen island Kitchen island with timber and granite top Island with LED lighting Island with timber top
Shaker kitchen island Freestanding in-frame island unit Maple Shaker kitchen island Timber and painted combination island Island with oak worktop Rolling mini island Bespoke kitchen island Kitchen island with granite top Shaker island unit with granite and timber tops Island with breakfast bar
Kitchen island with drawers
Bespoke island unit
Bespoke island unit with seating
Kitchen island with wine rack
Island unit with stainless steel top
Kitchen island with stainless steel worktop
Island with seating
Shaker style island
Bespoke island
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